Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phase 3

Phase 3 (follow through)
This is what it should like after you use your momentum. Keep in mind all of this happens fairly quickly. Your right toe is pointed to your left knee with your hips squared off, and you are on relevee (on the ball of your foot with your left). Your left arm has met your right ,like you are holding  a beach ball.  Your right hip is still externally rotated and keep the pelvic girdle completely still; it should not move, forward, back, or up.Your knee leads your turn around the circle, so think of leading with your knee and keep it pushing outward until you land. You need to stay on the standing leg as tall as you can with great posture as if a string was pulling you from the ceiling.

Keeping that same position for a split second (doing a 360 turn) you should be getting prepared for landing and looking for your "spot". You should finish the pirouette in the same spot that you started from.

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