Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phase 1

Phase 1-(stance/ starting position)

Keep your acetabularfemoral joint laterally rotated.  Make sure your feet are turned out as much to the side as possible, like a REAL ballerina). This is a right Pirouette so you will be turning on your left leg but going in the right direction.  Your sinster leg should be in the front and your dexter leg is a few feet behind it. Your right arm is flexed  which should look like half of a circle, and the left arm is abducted. Keep your elbows up in line with your arm, you don't want them to look like dead chicken wings. Keep your fingers soft and graceful.  Also be sure to keep them in line with your arm so they do not come into ulnar deviation or radial deviation.  Make sure your hips are squared off and you are focused and in the right mind set to make it the best Pirouette.

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