Sunday, November 21, 2010

Movement Specific Drill to help improve balance

This drill is very basic. This drill's main purpose is balance. You are not moving in this drill, just testing your balance so you can get your legs stronger while keeping your abdominal muscles tight, and your body in the correct technique for the pirouette. Every dancer must have a great center of gravity so balance is part of every dancer's practice.  After completing this drill, try the same thing but balancing on the other leg.

1) Stance: Stand up tall, and get your arms into place (in a rounded circle that is level with your abdomen).  Pull your core in tight and start to focus straight ahead of you.

2) Preparation: There are two ways you can get into this balance drill. You can bring your leg into "passe" pointed towards your knee and then rise up on to "relevee" on the standing leg. Or you can get onto relevee first, and then bring your foot into "passe".  Whichever is easier for you.

3) Follow Through: Maintain position once you are there. Have something next to you where you can grab on to (preferably a ballet barre) or a chair so you can lightly hold on to it if you lose your balance, but still try to maintain position and get back into place. Once your spine goes into Lateral Flexion, you will most likely fall out of this drill, so it is important to keep the spine centered/neutral.

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